Kathleen Edwards @ Ottawa Folk Festival 2012

On the second night (September 7th) of the Ottawa Folk Festival.
You can say it was a homecoming show for Kathleen Edwards.
There was a sea of lawn chairs and people trying to find a spot to stand.
It was a impressive turnout.

Photo by Mike Little

Kathleen comes on with a gorgeous orange dress.
Jim Bryson and Julie Faderwas there.

Photo by Mike Little

She sang Asking for Flowers when a nice gentleman gave her flowers before the show.
It was a mix of new and old songs in her repertoire.
One song (forgot the name) where she just went at it with the guitar.
I noticed on one of Kathleen’s guitar that there was alot of signatures on it. At first I thought they were scratches.
The rest of the set was amazing.
People were swaying back and forth, even I was doing that.
Funny moments were:

  • She saw Dave Draves with his kids and dropping the F-Bomb
  • Someone yelling out that Jim should headline or play something.

Sad she didn’t sing “The Cheapest Key” would have love to sing that part where she says the B-word. 😛
Overall it was a great turnout for Ottawa’s lovely gal.

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