Shout Out Out Out Out and The Cansecos @ Babylon Nightclub

Last night I went to Babylon Nightclub to see the band Shout Out Out Out Out (Usually its Shout OutX4 to make it very short).
I was suppose to see another band that night but with persuading I went to this one instead.

The opener was The Cansecos.
I was glad to see them live because they were frequently played on CBC Radio 3.
They were really great live with their mix of Electro-Disco Dance Rock music.
I really enjoyed their set.

After them was Small Town DJs.
Didn’t know who they were it was just basically techno dance music.
It was great but weird to dance since not alot of people were dancing.

While hearing their music, the members of Shout OutX4 were getting ready to set their equipment on stage.
There was alot of stuff they put on the stage like two sets of drums, two sets of keyboards and other electronic stuff.
While waiting for them and they started it off and the crowds went wild.
All I can say that it was a fun night being on a Wednesday.
Hot, sweaty and dancey is all I can say.
Their music is electro-dance, words can’t explain it on how this show it was.
I did take photos but I just decided to dance my butt off.
Don’t know any of the title tracks they sang but they were in promoting their new album called Reintegration Time.

Great show to remember!


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