Show Review: Achors/Matt Gower/The Allrights

Last night seemed to a be a folky-rock atmosphere at Cafe Dekcuf.
Bands playing were:
Matt Gower
The Allrights

Apparently the Toronto band “Great Bloomers” were suppose to play their first show in Ottawa cancelled their appearance due to the keyboardist leaving the band.

It was a nice intimate night
They were great as always.
Saddened they didn’t sing the Fleetwood Mac’s cover “Dreams”.
At least alot of people showed up for their set. Would have been funny to see the screaming girls go crazy for this band.
Hopefully they will release a full length album very soon.
Anchors @ Cafe Dekcuf

Matt Gower:
Very roots folk-acoustic style.
Matt Gower @ Cafe Dekcuf

The Allrights:
I didn’t know three members of Centretown Cripplers are in this band.
Different from their counterpart.
More rock based than the punk.
The Allrights @ Cafe Dekcuf

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