Show Review: Converters and Black Hat Brigade

Friday night with all the events happening I went to Cafe Dekcuf to see one of my favorite band from Toronto called Black Hat Brigade.
This is my third time seeing them and I was very happy to see them again.
All I have to say is “Third time’s a charm”.
They were out in support of their new CD called “Fathers”.
I didn’t get a chance to see City of A Hundred Spires because of timing issues mostly but I hope their set was great.
Converters @ Cafe Dekcuf
The first band to play was Converters.
I never heard of them but I was told that they are very new and it was their second or third live show.
The band is a trio and I was impress by their set.
Probably might get to see them more at future shows.
Black Hat Brigade @ Cafe Dekcuf
Waiting a few more minutes for Black Hat Brigade to set up.
They have alot of equipment to put up on the stage and it was crazy.
Was a little worried because I didn’t know how long their set was. If it was going to pass 12:15am “I am outta of here”.
They were very amazing and love their high energy sound.
They are a band you have to see live. Why? Because each members (minus the drummer) alternate turns in playing a different instrument and vocals.
Its great to see the dynamic of the band and never gets boring if its the same old routine.
Don’t worry the band will be back in August.
I recommend that you see them live.
Black Hat Brigade @ Cafe Dekcuf
Funny story, I bought their CD “Fathers” and I noticed that I got two of the same CDs.
The drummer was doing the packaging in the car, he was getting car sickness and might have accidentally put two of the same CD in the packaging.
Thought it was hilarious and I was honest in returning the second CD back to them.

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