Show Review: Fashion Rocks!

On July 31st, I went to Babylon and attended Fashion Rocks.
Its where Fashion and Music come together and help support the charity Feed The Children.
I will focus mostly on the music side of things.
While I will upload the fashion parts on my other site.
There were four bands playing and they were (Just noticed that three out of the four bands that they had the same drummers):
The Property Line
Fashion Rocks: The Property Line
New Teeth
Fashion Rocks!: New Teeth
Laurent Bourque
Fashion Rocks!: Laurent Bourque
Fashion Rocks!: Paramedics

Have to say this was a cool idea to blend fashion and music together.
Fashion Rocks: The Property Line
The first band was The Property Line and it was my first time hearing them.
There music is indie folk rock.
It was actually a nice set.
Having the models walk down the runway during their set made it look cool.
The clothes being shown were adorit.

The second band was New Teeth.
They totally rocked their set.
Interesting with the models wearing mask during their set.
The clothes being shown were NKI
Fashion Rocks!: New Teeth
The third band was Laurent Bourque and was another musician that I saw for the first time.
His music was indie pop rock.
Suited the fashion part well too.
The models were wearing Sugarbum

Lastly it was Paramedics.
Totally rocked everyone away.
Also it was the last of the fashion part and the models were wearing American Apparel.
At the end all the models came out and it was dance party.
Fashion Rocks!: Paramedics
Overall it was a great charity event.
Having fashion and music together.
Thanks to the event planner Chantal Gagne to make such a fun event.
They should do more of those in the future.

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