Coeur de pirate @ Zaphod Beeblebrox

Last night was a fun night at Zaphods for this show.
It was the Quebec singer sensation named Coeur de pirate.
She is creating alot of buzz with her style of francophone pop piano music.

Let’s say the majority of the crowds was about 80% French and 20% English.
Since we all know that Quebec has a big support system with their talent.

It was a really packed show but a really well behaved crowd.
Marie-Josee Houle @ Zaphods
The opener was Marie-Josee Houle from Ottawa.
She is a jazz-folk singer.
Mostly her on stage and she played the accordion.
Her music was nice and wonderful.
I was surprised she sang a Wendy McNeill cover “Such A Common Bird”.
What a talented singer.

Surprised the owner of Zaphods came up on stage and gave a small introduction about him, the scene in Ottawa and bringing in alot of good talent from different genres.
Also plug another show in a few weeks with another French band called Tricot Machine.
Coeur de Pirate @ Zaphods
Then the lovely Coeur de Pirate (aka Béatrice Martin) came on stage with a nice black dress.
Sang mostly from her debut album.
Just her and her keyboard, so no backing band.
Nice that an artist like her would speak english and french.
I didn’t get any of the stuff she said in French.
Great interaction with the audience.
At least she can command/control the show.
When she sang C’etait Salement Romantique she told everyone to be quiet and you could just hear the vents.
The song is a break-up song.
After that was Ensemble which was another break-up song and told the audience that her ex heard the song on a TV ad.
Comme Des Enfants was the second last song and everyone in the audience sang out loud.
That was the only song I sort of know since has been played on CBC Radio 3.
Coeur de Pirate @ Zaphods
The encore she sang a cover of Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl.
Surprised by it and she totally made it her version just with the keyboard.
Here is a Youtube clip of it which I didn’t take

Overall it was a fantastic show.


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  2. Naz

    marie-josee was badass on that accordion. She was just oooozing sexuality and her lyrics and music where captivating 😀 Next time coeur de pirate should have a full band…..give the show a lil more diversity

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