Show Review: Mina May and Honest I's

April 11th I went to the Avant Garde Bar to see three bands.
Mostly I caught two because of time constraints.
Bands playing were:

It was a interesting night of music at a small squishy venue.
Mina May @ Avant Garde BarThe first band that played was Mina May.
They were a Montreal band but moved to France.
Music was amazing and fun.
Very indie rock-alternative with some experimental beats to it.
Sucks I couldn’t get their album since they didn’t have any left.
They will be back in Ottawa around May and will be at the Mercury Lounge.
Honest Is @ Avant Garde Bar
The second band I got to see was Honest I’s.
I’ve seen them last summer at a house show.
They were really amazing.
Back in Ottawa to promote their first EP.
Which I will need to listen very soon and make a review.
They sounded alot better this.
Maybe because its at a place where the music can be abit louder.
Another band that you should check out.

I didn’t get to see Videotape as stated before.
But I will get to see them in May when they open up for Think About Life at Babylon.


  1. luca

    actually ming,

    mina may used to live in france, and now they live in montreal.

    give us some credit damnit!

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