Show Review: Hollerado Residency Tour

Hollerado @ ZaphodsThe month of February seems to be winding down and more shows coming in March.
February 27th, I got to attend the last of Hollerado‘s February 2009 Residency Tour.
Where the whole month of February they performed every day in the same city.
Sunday was Boston, Monday was New York City, Tuesday was Lacolle, Quebec, Wednesday was Hamilton, Thursday was Toronto,
Friday was Ottawa *YAY!* and Saturday was Montreal.
It is very ambitious of them to this and a good idea for those a big fan of Hollerado.
Photos of the show are here.
Have to say that I was glad to attend but I didn’t get a chance to see them play due to time constraints.
This is what happens if you depend on public transportation and live in the suburbs.
But at least I saw three bands open up.

First band to play was Sadie Hell.
Great as always.
Surprised there was a female who knew all their songs. Nice to see someone who likes their music.
They sounded more hard rocking this time.
Sadie Hell at Dekcuf
Second band was Black Names.
They are a band from New York City.
They have that New York punk-metal sound. It was like “Ooooh cool!”
Very loud and crazy set is all I have to say.
Black Names at Cafe Dekcuf
Third band was The Rough Sea.
They are from Ottawa.
They are a folk-punk band.
It was the different atmosphere since their music was acoustic and folky and wasn’t as loud.
Their set was really nice and it was enjoyable.
The Rough Sea at Cafe Dekcuf
Seeing that alot of people were coming in to see Hollerado.
Since I didn’t get to see them. I will go on a whim and say it was an amazing show.

I hope they will come back to Ottawa and do something ambitious again.

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