Slow Down, Molasses with The Ethics and Jeans Boots @ Raw Sugar Cafe

It was a Saskatchewan theme with an Ottawa band that played at Raw Sugar Cafe on March 30th.
Playing were:

It was a album release for Slow Down, Molasses which they dropped their second album “Walk Into The Sea“.
Slow Down, Molasses @ Raw Sugar Cafe
The first act to play was Jeans Boots.
jeans boots is Jeanette Stewart
She plays with Slow Down, Molasses.
Her set had that heavy dirty indie alterna-pop sound.
It was a really great set she put on.
Listen to Money.
Jeans Boots @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Second was Ottawa’s The Ethics.
I haven’t seen them play live in quite some time.
They mostly played new tracks from an upcoming album.
It was a really great indie folk rock set.
The Ethics @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Lastly it was Slow Down, Molasses.
It’s been about two years since they played in Ottawa. (Check here)
They put on a really great rocking set.
I noticed that Tyson was shoegazing 😛
The band played alot from the new album and some from the old album.
The band was just amazing live.
Listen to Feathers.
Slow Down, Molasses @ Raw Sugar Cafe
It would have cool if Slow Down, Molasses was on the bill for the Prairie Scene.
Thanks to Jonathan Pearce in getting Slow Down, Molasses to come down to Ottawa for this.
Here are the photos.
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