That’s The Spirit – i like his older stuff (Review)

Its been awhile for That’s The Spirit has released anything new since Staying Places.
For those that don’t know, Ben Wilson is technically the lone guy behind That’s The Spirit
Right now on is somewhat of new stuff but its actually old materials.
‘Older Stuff’, after all, was recorded with two ghetto blasters, a broken Radio Shack mic, a cracked classical guitar and an ancient delay pedal that caught fire during recording.”
There is five tracks in this free EP which you can download on this site.

  • Caroline
  • Slow In Going By
  • A Little Sad To See It
  • Fourteen Days
  • Caroline II: The Wrath of Caroline

Overall listening to the five tracks, its very different when you hear the actual full length debut.
Its very fly on the wall kind of DIY recording.
If you like experimental lo-fi recordings, then this might be a interest to you.
Also its free to download the EP.

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