The Balconies/MBMG @ Irene’s Pub [November 18, 2009]

November 18th, I decided to hit up Irene’s Pub.
It was a start for my week for checking out live music.
This being one of three shows this week.
Playing at the lovely venue were:

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157622833997494″]
All I can is that maybe the people at Irene’s Pub weren’t expecting the show to be very loud last night.
Since the venue is known for folky rock style of music.

Since both bands need no introduction since I’ve covered them frequently on here.
But both bands were amazing as always.

Modernboys Moderngirls totally rocked out the night with their indie rock.
This time they had a great crowd and people had a great time with their music.

The Balconies were on stage and it was packed.
They sang two or three new songs and sang from their current debut album.
It was a totally fun set.
Also congrats to the band winning all three categories for the Xpress Best Of 2009 Poll.
Overall a fun night at a nice venue.

Check out 300 Pages (Live at Irene’s Pub) video

The Slo (Live at Irene’s Pub)

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