The Sadies – Darker Circles (Review and Polaris Chances)


Here is part eight of a ten part on reviewing the 2010 Polaris Music Prize shortlist nominees.
This time it is The Sadies with Darker Circles.

The Sadies is one of those bands that do really well with the alternative country scene.
They do really well at live shows and are very talented.
Darker Circles is their their thirtieths album (if you include collaborations with Neko Case and John Doe) and its a mix of indie rock, alternative country and rockabilly.

Cut Corners has that psychedelic rock sound to it
While you have alternative country twang sound in Postcards, Idle Tomorrows, Choosing To Fly and 10 More Songs.
It is a well produced and written album
If you like the alt-country, indie rock album, this is for you.
The Sadies is one of those bands you have to see live.
Its a good album.

On Polaris: They just happened to crept out into the shortlist and was another surprise.
The chances of them winning is 70%.
They seem to be well respected in the music community and a musician’s musician.
It is the only alt-country album in the shortlist.
A friend who is a big Sadies fan wants them to win considering they have been touring constantly all across Canada.
If they do win, it would be a big surprise.

Best tracks:

  • Another Year Again
  • Cut Corners
  • Another Day Again
  • The Quiet One
  • Whispering Circles
  • Violet and Jeffrey Lee
  • 10 More Songs

If I rate this, I give it 7.5/10
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