The Luyas and Joe Grass @ Raw Sugar Cafe

It was the Eve of Christmas Eve at Raw Sugar Cafe.
There were two shows that same night and this was the first one show.
It was The Luyas and Joe Grass.
The Luyas @ Raw Sugar Cafe

I can’t believe I’ve seen The Luyas three times in 2010 alone (Two in Ottawa and one in Montreal).
Since I ranked them at #6 in the Best of 2010: Shows & Concerts (February 1, 2010).
There was great turnout for this show.
I was surprised to see Gentleman Reg, Kaveh Nabatian from Bell Orchestre at the show.The show started off with Joe Grass.
Musician from Montreal and it was just him.
I was blown away with his intimate experimental folk music.
Noticed him this year at Pop Montreal where he played with a bunch of musicians at the Sacred Sunday show and backed up Leif Vollebekk at Metropolis.
Crossing fingers if he has something out in 2011.
At the end he played the instrumental version The Beach Boys’ God Only Knows on slide guitar.
Look out for him in 2011.

The Luyas was up.
I was like WOW! on their set.

They previewed some tracks from the upcoming album Too Beautiful To Work on Dead Oceans (US).
Which should drop in February 2011.
It was a fun show.
Favorite was Jessie (lead singer) was mentioning on how she can feel the audience’s energy.
There was this unique atmosphere the Luyas put on that makes it so spectacular.
The sheer instrumental of the organ/keyboards from Mathieu to the French horns from Pietro and the drumming from Stefan.

To me its like the vocal version of Bell Orchestre.
The Ottawa shows for them tend to be their best set.
I can’t wait for the new album now!

Here are the rest of the photos.

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