Think About Life, tUnE-yArDs and Videotape @ Babylon Nightclub [May 23, 2009]

With alot of stuff that happened on May 23rd in Ottawa, with being the Ottawa Marathon, Great Glebe Garage Sale and possibly Apostle Of Hustle at Zaphods.
All I can say so many events, so little time.
Or people spent alot of money at the Garage sale or tired from the walking or running which couldn’t help control it.
So I decided to hit up Babylon and check out three interesting bands which were:

Videotape was great as always.
But they had a really really short set due to that the show had to end before 11pm.
Great band to see live.

Tune-Yards was interesting to see live.
I didn’t know when the set started because I thought the music playing was the sound guy’s music.
But when she told everyone to come to the stage since it was actually her music.
Just a solo set with her doing some drums and electronic items.
Lots of screaming, wailing and some funky tribal beats.
She sure knows how to be effective to get people to buy her music, since she told the audience that she only has five copies left of her album on vinyl.
I did dance during the last song.
Tune-Yards @ Babylon

Finally it was Think About Life.
Let’s say they sure know how to get people dancing to their music.
Nice to see the female singer of Shapes and Sizes.
They were out promoting their new album.
Which I didn’t get but I should very soon.
Fun and crazy set they put on.
Glad they did a encore and it was Money.

Despite a small turnout due to the stuff I mentioned.
I didn’t mind it at all because my friends were there and just made a fun time doing it.
I like a small intimate showing and not alot of people crowding the dancefloor making it hot and sweaty.
Think About Life @ Babylon


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