Third Night of Paper Bag Records 10th Anniversary Concert [Review]

Sorry for this review being late.
I pulled an all nighter from Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.

Paper Bag Records is celebrating their 10th anniversary being into the Canadian Music scene.
With that, they are celebrating it with three nights of shows at the Great Hall.
This was the final night of the celebration.

In my opinion, I was most excited for this line up at Paper Bag Record’s 10th Anniversary party.
It was a night filled with pop, dance and electronica flavour of music.

The first band to play was recent signee The Luyas.
I hadn’t seen them since last year and it’s been kind of a change for them.
Original drummer Stefan Schneider left and got a new one whose name is Bucky Wheaton.
It was nice to see Sarah Neufield accompanying them considering Arcade Fire is not touring at the moment.
The band mostly played new material from the upcoming album “Animator”.
They started off with the epic dreamy-orchestral pop “Montuno”.
That song in my opinion is one of the best tracks on the album.
The whole set was beautifully amazing!
You could say Paper Bag lucked out.

The second band to play was Young Galaxy.
Having seen them last week in a intimate setting at Pop Montreal.
I just had to see them play for this show.
The band mostly played material from Shapeshifting (My favorite album) since it was Paper Bag’s birthday.
I danced to their music to most of their set.
Cover Your Tracks is still my favorite song and when played live, you have to do a summer dance groove.

The third band was a big special return and out of retirement for You Say Party!
Being absence for two years, they had to make an appearance for Paper Bag’s 10th Anniversary.
Seeing them come out on stage, it was high emotions.

Gone are the wild punk dance and more of a darker mellow synth-electro pop sound.
You Say Party did a new interpretation of Dark Days.
Mostly sang new material and a cover from the PBR David Bowie compilation.
Don’t forget that Becky is 7 months pregnant.
Amazing that the audience yelled out a big no when the band’s time was almost ending.
I was so happy that I tried not to get emotional and cry.
Absolutely a great set!

Last band to play was of course Austra.
Of course they didn’t disappoint.
When they played Lose It, I just lost it and went into the crowds to dance.
It was a crazy set since Torontoians love them.
I didn’t stay for much of their set since I wanted to check out Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.

Overall these past three nights celebrating Paper Bag Record’s as one of Canada’s music label and in the music industry was fun to attend.
It is one big celebration for them to do well in this day of age.
Lots of people there supporting what they do.
Hoping for more successful years!
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