Videotape, F Hood & Self Surgery @ Raw Sugar Cafe [December 19, 2011]

It was nice evening for a Monday December 19th at Raw Sugar Cafe.
A long time coming for this band to play in Ottawa.
Let’s say it’s been about three years for Videotape to play in Ottawa.
Videotape @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Also playing at the show were:
F Hood
F Hood @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Self Surgery
Self Surgery @ Raw Sugar Cafe

The show started off with Self Surgery.
Basically Pierre Richardson’s solo project.
It was an experimental and weird noisy rock set.
Very captivating to say the least.
Self Surgery @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Second was F Hood.
It was just a guy on his guitar.
A instrumental set which was experimental on the lo-fi fuzzy guitar sounds.
A interesting set.
F Hood @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Last was Videotape.
It’s been such a long time!
Due to Ryan and Nathan move to Toronto to focus on their studies.
The band previewed some new tracks.
Played two old songs from “My Favorite Thing” and one Adam Saikaley song called Paint.
Damn! I missed Adam playing indie rock music and Videotape!
It was a great set filled with indie lo-fi fuzzy rock music.
Videotape @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Here are the rest of the photos.


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