Who’s Hot In Ottawa’s Music Scene 2012 [POLL RESULTS]

The White Wires @ Our Youth Is Fleeting House party
Aren't Ottawa folks pretty wild? Couldn't think of photo to use for this post.


For those not familiar with the “Hottest Song” nominees, here they are.
Don’t we all love (or dislike) polls and surveys?
I am doing this for “fun”, see if this experiment works and not to be taken very seriously.
This will show that Ottawa is not a boring city.
Here is the first annual “Who’s Hot In Ottawa’s Music Scene 2012”.
There is a good and interesting music scene happening here.
So why not showcase these Ottawa bands and musicians.

Hope you like the nominees listed?

Sorry if I couldn’t add all the bands and musicians, which is why I added OTHERS on the list.
Please don’t put down The Balconies because I want to have acts that are currently in Ottawa at the moment.
The Balconies will have their moment when I make my “Who’s Hot in Canada’s Music Scene” or Toronto’s music scene.
Want to thank Emma from Now Playing Radio, Craig from Ottawa Voice Box, Ska Jeff, Latitude 45 and Allan of The Love Machine for suggesting “Sweetest Beard”.

Here are the list of contenders.
Vote as much as you want and it is anonymous too.
Voting ends on March 10, 2012 and after that the results will be posted in a day or two.

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  1. Veronica

    Three Little Birds!!!! <3
    ps. I don't understand why none of them are listed as hottest individual. Those ladies are beautiful!! 🙂

  2. Post
  3. Jon

    There are a bunch of great bands missing from the list, but this was still lots of fun and a great idea. What about Best vocalist of best frontman/frontwomen ext time

  4. Jane

    …Why are there no female guitarists nominated? We have some really talented females on the scene

  5. Post
  6. Post
    Ming Wu

    Boyhood (not sure if they have been played?), Currents, Crusades, Constraints, Dreamphone, Hamilton, Roberta Bondar and We Fled Cairo.
    They haven’t been on Radio 3.

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