ALX – I Will Love You More [Music Video/Download]

I was surprised to find out that Allie Hughes has gone with a new name.
She is going by ALX.
Looks like she has moved from the theatrical glam pop and went to a electro-dance glam pop sound.
This is a fun song to dance around to.
Have a listen to I Will Love You More.

Check out the music video.

Here is her bio.
ALX is the ripening of Toronto artist Allie Hughes. Having already developed a reputation for her outlandish imagination and performance style, ALX is her vision to the furthest extent. A bizarrely glamorous electro pop outfit that sets its sights on unchartered territory.
Allie Hughes @ Luminata
With an abandoned blossoming career in musical theatre (which led her to work with Andrew Lloyd Webber on two occasions) and an upbringing in classical voice and piano, Hughes’ versatile and distinctive voice is central to the sound of her compositions.
Allie Hughes @ The Black Sheep Inn
Hughes’ isn’t the only personality that bleeds into the vision. ALX brings together fiery red head Kelly McMichael of Rouge, former Spiral Beach-er Maddy Wilde, and epic drummer Kieran Adams to create a blend of epic, hook-laden pop that could be heard on the radio or your strangest dreams.

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