F**ked Up on May 9, 2015

Ontario Scene is happening very soon which begins on April 29 – May 10.
One of the few big shows happening will be this one!
Playing at Ritual Nightclub will be Toronto’s F**ked Up and Doomsquad, Hamilton’s Dead Tired (ex-Alexisonfire) and Ottawa’s Nightshades.
Here is what these four bands sound like.

Thanks the amazing people at Ontario Scene, they were kind to give away a pair of tickets to this show.
All you have to do is comment with your name and email.
One lucky winner with a plus one will get to enjoy this show.
Ottawa only and this will end on April 28, 2015
Good luck!


  1. Eric

    I am going to get so Fucked Up I will be so Dead Tired the next only a Doomsquad could wake me before the Nightshades cast on the next day.

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