Suuns & Jerusalem In My Heart [Review]

This album has to be one of the most unique collaborations of 2015.
It is the self-titled album by Suuns & Jerusalem In My Heart.
While the reviews I’ve been reading seems to be lukewarm.
Probably it isn’t accessible to be played on radio (Maybe on CBC or Campus/College radio).
I love this album for it’s boldness and stepping out of the box.
For myself, I am kicking myself for missing this collaboration during Pop Montreal 2013.
Hearing that it was an amazing set.
If you are thinking this will be a Suuns records, think again.
As Suuns’ Ben Shemie is quick to point out, “It’s not a Suuns record, it’s not a Jerusalem In My Heart record. It’s really a product of 5 musicians that had spent a lot of time on tour listening to music together“.
The album is is filled with experimentation with heavy analog synth, electronics and Arabic vibe influences.
The stand out track is definitely Metal, which is a instrumental heavy guitar/drums with that Arabic flavour rock vibe.
Makes you want to rock out in a haze!
Give this album a spin!

Best tracks:

  • 2amoutu I7tirakan
  • Metal
  • In Touch
  • Gazelles In Flight
  • 3attam Babey

I’d give the album 9/10.

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