Arietta: Interview + Show Review

Arietta @ ZaphodsJuly 25th I decided to see the Toronto band Arietta for the second time in Ottawa.
This time they played at Zaphods and was suppose to open up with the band Black Diamond Bay.
But due to the drummer of Black Diamond Bay, it was a solo show for Arietta.
Before the show I decided to do a interview with Arietta.
Went up to the Heart & Crown and have the interview there.
Just letting you know that the audio interview is 20 minutes and you will hear the waitress kind of interrupting us about what to drink.
I could transcript this but I just upload the whole interview. Its very funny and informative.
Click here to check out the audio interview.
If you don’t know, the members consist of:
Tyler Johnston
Sean Ramesbottom
Brian Craig
Patrick McCormack
Kyle Smith
Shehzaad Jiwani

On the show, they played a great short rocking set.
It was worthwhile to hear them live at that venue.
Loud and crazy is all I can say.
Funny with Tyler the lead singer, trying to get people up front and give away beer/drink tickets.
I had a great time.
They will be back in Ottawa come September for Ottawa U’s Frosh week.

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