Show review: Normal Love and Kingdom Shore

July 26th I went to Sounds Unlikely and it was a experimental music night.
I haven’t been to a Sounds Unlikely show since the Acorn did their album release show back in 2007.
The two bands that played at the store:
Kingdom Shore from Ottawa
Normal Love from Philadelphia/Brooklyn.
Click here for this five minute interview I did with Amnon the guitarist of the Normal Love.

First band was Kingdom Shore and it was a intense experimental instrumental mini orchestra with synths.
Music was very loud and has this dark sound.
During the show it just got humid in the music store.
I was intrigued with their music and it was different.
Kingdom Shore @ Sounds Unlikely
Second band was Normal Love.
I didn’t know the set was 20 minutes.
It was very intense with their experimental rock music.
It was interesting and their set up was neat.
Normal Love @ Sounds Unlikely
Overall it was a eye opener for myself to check out this kind of music.


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