Astral Swans & Heavy Bedroom @ Pressed [November 1, 2012]

It’s already November!!
Went to Pressed for this low-key kind of show.
Playing at the show were:
Astral Swans

Heavy Bedroom

Missed Chris Page‘s set but he was alright about it since I’ve seen him play live various times.

The first band to play was Ottawa’s Heavy Bedroom.
Hadn’t seen them play in awhile and see what new materials the band had.
It was a pretty loud lo-fi fuzz rocking set.
Really enjoyed their set.

Astral Swans was next.
It is Matthew Swann, (formerly?) of Extra Happy Ghost!!! new project.
Basically Matthew playing a solo set.
Had more of a indie experimental lo-fi pop rock sound.
Sort of remind me of Chris Page too.

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