Big Dick, Ornaments, Pith & The Parenchymas and Dreamphone @ Club Saw

Attended the last night of this year’s Doldrums Music Festival 2015.
This took place at Club Saw and bands playing were Big Dick, Ornaments, Pith & The Parenchymas and Dreamphone.

Big Dick @ Club Saw
Big Dick was the final act to play the night. Having missed out their LP release in February. It was a chance to make it up and see them play materials from their second album Disappointment. Sadly I didn’t get the blue vinyl edition but did get the European edition which the album cover is silkscreened. Amazing set!

Ornaments @ Club Saw
Ornaments was the second last band. They played a loud heavy rocking set of their music. It’s been awhile since I last saw them play. It was a great set.

Pith & The Parenchymas @ Club Saw
Second band to play was Pith & The Parenchymas. This was definitely my first time seeing them. It was quite an interesting set filled with psych-rock and dreamy pop music. Despite some sound troubles they pulled it off.

Dreamphone @ Club Saw
Dreamphone was the first band to play. Hadn’t seen them in quite awhile. The band played a tight heavy rock set. I really enjoyed their set alot and wish alot of people check out their music.

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