Clues, Witchies and Gambletron @ Mavericks

July 27th it was another night of experimental live music and everything that is Montreal.
Well make that one experimental while the other two was indie rock-pop music.
To my surprise there was a venue change from upstairs at Cafe Dekcuf to downstairs being at Mavericks.
Bands that were playing were:
It was a alright turnout on a Monday night.

The first act to go up was Gambletron.
I didn’t know it was one of the members of Clues which was Lisa Gamble.
She had alot of unique instruments.
Her mic was like a half phone which apparently wasn’t working.
Like the bike wheel that was used to make a unique sound.
A great experimental set.
Gambletron @ Mavericks
Up next was Witchies.
I was impress with their set.
Very indie pop rock with abit of gothic sound with the keyboards.
Hope to see them come back in Ottawa.
Witchies @ Mavericks
Finally it was Clues.
I heard some good things from them.
When they played the lights was turned down low.
I just can’t explain it but their set was amazing!
Interesting to see two drummers and the crazy instruments that was there.
Alden (ex-Unicorns) in one song was singing bent over which looked weird.
Nice to see the band members alternate positions to play the instruments.
The drummer was funny putting on a fake mustache.
Loved hearing Cave Mouth live.
You Have My Eyes Now was a standout live track, where one of the drummers sings and the music goes crazy halfway through the song.
Overall it was an amazing set.
Clues @ Mavericks
I can’t wait for them to come back to Ottawa.
For those reading this you missed out a great set.

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