A night of music on December 5th

With various parties and events that happened on December 5th.
I decided to hit up Mavericks and Cafe Dekcuf.
All of the acts that were playing, I’ve seen them various times minus Glory Glory Man United.
Just wanted to go out and show my support

Playing at Mavericks were:
Whale Tooth
Whale Tooth @ Mavericks
The Property Line
The Property Line @ Mavericks
Here is a video clip of The Property Line live.

The Habit
The Habit @ Mavericks
Playing at Cafe Dekcuf were:
The Gallop
The Gallop @ Cafe Dekcuf
Glory Glory Man United
Glory Glory Man United @ Cafe Dekcuf
I didn’t get to see Acres play (Sorry guys, hopefully next time!)

On the Maverick side, the bands playing were really good.
Enjoyed the Property Line and surprised with their turnout this time.
Whale Tooth was amazing as always. They sang some new tracks and mentioned they will be recording a full length for 2010.
Did catch abit of The Habit, they were fine as always but didn’t stay much because they were playing the same time as Glory Glory Man United.

On the Cafe Dekcuf side.
The Gallop was great, turnout was alright but good for myself since I got alot of room to take photos during their set.
Glory Glory Man United was my first time seeing them live.
They were really rocking it.
So that was my Saturday night of music.

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