Dirty Beaches @ Silver Dollar Room [NXNE 2011]

Finally got the chance to see Dirty Beaches live and get a interview!!
Having to go all the way to NXNE in Toronto to catch one of three performances.
He played his first of three different show, one was at the Silver Dollar Room at 1am!!
Dirty Beaches @ Silver Dollar Room
Ever since I found out that he played last fall.
I was kicking myself on missing out the show at Manx.
He has been doing really well this year thanks to the buzz he has been getting on Pitchfork.
Dirty Beaches @ The Silver Dollar Room
Playing experimental lo-fi rock and pop music.
As someone mentioned, his music is “Elvis Presley on acid”.
The Silver Dollar Room was totally packed.
Dirty Beaches @ Silver Dollar Room
When he came on stage, he had that Hong Kong 1960s suave look.
Or something from a Wong Kar-Wai movie.
Dirty Beaches @ Silver Dollar Room
He played some tracks from Badlands like Sweet 17, True Blue (?) and Lord Knows Best which is my favorite!
Alex played a cover of Mattress’s Eldorado. It was very experimental beatsy.
The whole set was a mix of emotions.

Dirty Beaches @ Silver Dollar Room
As you can tell by my long excitement on this entry.
It was surely one of the best sets in NXNE this year.
I know you might disagree with me.
I for one, don’t really care what people say.
Because Alex Hungtai Zhang is Chinese (technically Taiwanese) and we need some more Asian pride in the indie music scene.
Dirty Beaches @ The Silver Dollar Room
I was totally happy to see Dirty Beaches play live despite being about 30 minutes. (Which I didn’t mind since it was getting pretty late)
Not sure what are the chances of him coming back to play a show in Ottawa?
Here are the photos.
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Listen to Lord Knows Best and Sweet 17

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