Fevers – Passion Is Dead [Review]

Fevers is a five-piece Ottawa band.
Their music is considered indie synth pop electro-rock.
Just think of Stars, Mother Mother, The Postal Service and Yeah Yeah Yeahs all mixed into one.
I haven’t seen them live yet but we’ve been twittering once and awhile on what shows happened in Ottawa.
Well the band just dropped their album called Passion Is Dead which is free to download on Bandcamp.

Weird how they call it an EP since I feel it is mostly an LP. (In my opinion if it’s passed 30 minutes then it’s considered an LP).
Passion Is Dead is seven tracks of good ol’ indie synth pop and electro dance rock tunes.
The title track is one big electro-dance pop tune which gets you dancing on your feet.
End Of Love Song reminds me of a Stars influenced track, if that band went electro-pop.
Sort It Out just ends in one big epic post electro-rock tune.
Best tracks:

  • Passion Is Dead (Long Live Fashion)
  • Straighter Line
  • End Of Love Song
  • My Heart Is In A Basket On The Front Of Your Bicycle
  • Sort It Out

I’d give Passion is Dead 8.8/10.
Give Fevers a try and it’s something we don’t get coming out from the Ottawa music scene.

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