Great Bloomers – Speak Of Trouble (Review)

I just got an e-mail from Maple Music Recordings and how they liked my “triple” review of Joel Plaskett’s 3 album.
They wanted me to check out this Toronto band called Great Bloomers.
The band is going to release their debut album “Speak Of Trouble” on April 21st.
It’s a mix of indie rock, pop and folk sound.

They have a high energy vibrant sound.
Tracks like Lobbyist and The Young Ones Slept have that catchy pop sound.
While a rock sound in This Ain’t You.
Slow rock/folk acoustic in Admit Defeat & Last Of My Faith.
Rocky pop singalong in Thorn In My Side.

The band almost sounds like Wintersleep or The Fray but more of a folksy/rock sound.

Overall this is a great debut album from this band in Toronto.
Its not too hokey in the folk and not to crazy with the rock.
Lots of great catchy melodies and
I enjoy every track.

Great unique sound and would say a promising band that you should check out.

Best Tracks:

  • Lobbyists
  • The Young Ones Slept
  • Daylight
  • This Ain’t You
  • Fever Days
  • Last Of My Faith
  • Thorn In My Side

Video by Southern Soul

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