Still Life Still @ Zaphods

I had a great time on Saturday night.
The band that played at Zaphods was Still Life Still.
They are a new band from Toronto.
Recently the band got signed to Arts & Crafts.

I was really excited to hear them.

They remind me of a young version of Broken Social Scene which is a good thing.
We need more excitement from bands like them.
A little bummed out that they had no merchandise.
But at least I got something to remember them by IE their music.
Hopefully they will be back in Ottawa very soon in time for their CD/vinyl release.
This is a band that you need to check out live.

Check out their Myspace page and find where they will be playing or what’s new.


  1. Naz

    they kept the energy and musak floooooowin. the wait for their album release will def. be worth it! New and exciting they are fo sho!

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