Gregory Pepper & His Problems, Old Haunt and Pony Girl @ Pressed [July 30, 2015]

Went down to Pressed for this wonderful show on a Thursday night.
Performing at the show was Gregory Pepper & His Problems, Old Haunt and Pony Girl.

Gregory Pepper & His Problems @ Pressed
Guelph band Gregory Pepper & His Problems totally rocked it out at Pressed. Pretty much a fun and entertaining set which felt like listening to 90s alternative rock music on the radio. Great set to say the least and love the matching striped shirts.
Old Haunt @ Pressed
Montreal’s Old Haunt performed a intimate acoustic folk pop music.

Pony Girl @ Pressed
For those that missed out Ottawa’s Pony Girl’s Bluesfest set. They performed a wonderful acoustic stripped down version of their set. As Pascal mentioned that this show is their quiet set since they always perform loudly. Playing materials from their upcoming album Foreign Life. It was a nice and wonderful set.

Click below for more photos.

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