L Con, Synne Sanden and Merganzer @ Pressed

It was a coincidence that this show at Pressed fell on International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019.
Pop Drone presented an all women show featuring L Con, Synne Sanden and Merganzer.
Starting off the show was Ottawa’s Merganzer.
Lovely beautiful and haunting set of experimental violin pop music! 9/10.
Synne Sanden was the second performer.
Coming all the way from Norway, she performed a lovely intimate piano pop music. 8/10.
Ending the night was L CON.
Mix of dreamy electro-pop music.
Previewed some new tracks from an upcoming EP and tracks from the 2018 album Insecurities in Being.
Did a unique cover of Phil Collin’s In The Air Tonight.
Closed it off with a intimate set singing acapella with a tape player. 9/10.

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