Linsey Wellman, Christian Richer and Lamb Rabbit @ Pressed [October 24, 2012]

Poster by Rolf Klausener

Don’t you find it annoying when plans don’t goes as well as you want it to be?
You just have to fall back and have a back up show.
Which is why I decided to go to this instead.
It was week four of seven nights of Experimental Music Wednesday at Pressed.
Hosted by Adam Saikaley.
It it’s second season, the event will run from October 3rd to November 14th.
Playing on the fourth night was:
Linsey Wellman

Christian Richer

Lamb Rabbit

Rachel Lamb Rabbit was resident DJ for the night.
She played her favourite spiritual jazz records.
Very chillaxing and relaxing.

Christian Richer from Montreal was up next.
He played a nice soothing and relaxing blend of experimental and ambient music.

Lastly it was Linsey Wellman.
It was a first in the series to have classical music.
His music sort of reminded me of Colin Stetson.
Very captivating set.

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