MW2K #31-#40

Here is #31-#40 of the decade (2000-2009) album list which I call MW2K.
You might be a little surprised with this section.
Because one is from 2009, there are some that is poppy which you will look down the list.
So enjoy this part of MW2K.

  1. Takk… – Sigur Ros (2005)

  2. This album was sort of the beginning for the band in becoming big rock stars. A change from the last album ( ) and in Takk… it is more Icelandic lyric driven and less on the spacious of the sound.
    Best tracks are Glósóli, Hoppipolla and Sæglópur

  3. Kala – M.I.A. (2007)

  4. Second album bought into super stardom thanks for her song Paper Planes being played in Pineapple Express. Controversial as always to what M.I.A. does.
    Album has lots of Indian influence sound and the usual sampling and crazy beats.
    Best tracks are Bamboo Banga, Boyz, 20 Dollar, Paper Planes and Come Around.

  5. Three (Volume 1, 2, 3) – Joel Plaskett (2009)

  6. Enough said about this album which has been my #1 Canadian album of 2009.

  7. In The Zone – Britney Spears (2003)

  8. Might be surprised that it is on the list. But this album is full of great pop dance tunes before things went wrong later on IE Blackout.
    Best tracks are Me Against The Music, Toxic and Everytime.

  9. Versions – Mark Ronson (2007)

  10. This is one of my favorite covers album but with a twist. Mark Ronson who is a DJ/Producer in his own rights decided to make this album with this British retro soul/dance sound.
    Best tracks are God Put a Smile upon Your Face featuring Daptone Horns, Oh My God featuring Lily Allen, Stop Me featuring Daniel Merriweather and Valerie featuring Amy Winehouse.
    This a remix version of Valerie.

  11. The Reminder – Feist (2007)

  12. Lovely Feist, this album brought to big mainstream stardom thanks to her song 1234 being on a iPod ad. But the other great song has to be My Moon, My Man. Got to love the dancing she did on that video and which airport was that filmed at.
    But its one of the best indie Canadian pop album released by her.
    Best tracks are I’m Sorry, My Moon My Man/The Park, The Water, 1234, Sealion, I Feel It All and Honey Honey.

  13. Sunshine – S Club 7 (2001)

  14. OK you are scratching your heads to why this in the list.
    I am a sucker with their happy poppy songs and they are British.
    Its one of those music you can easily sing along.
    Best tracks are Don’t Stop Movin’, Have You Ever and Never Had A Dream Come True.

  15. In Our Bedroom After The WarStars (2007)

  16. A mellower affair and part concept in this album.
    Best tracks are The Night Starts Here, Take Me To The Riots, Midnight Coward, Personal, In Our Bedroom After The Room.

    Blink or you miss some members of Still Life Still in the Bitches In Tokyo music video.

  17. Fever – Kylie Minogue (2001)

  18. Kylie did it big time with this album. Full of dance and electro-pop tunes.
    Who would have thought in 2000 that Kylie would hit it big and probably due to great songwriters and producers which can never be matched again.
    Best tracks are Love At First Sight, Can’t Get You Out Of My Head and Come Into My World.

  19. The Breakthrough – Mary J.Blige (2005)

  20. After her “No More Drama” album, she decided to go back to her R&B soulness of what she is known for. Of course no more of the bs-ing she has to deal with.
    Best tracks are About You, Be Without You and One feat. U2.


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