My 21 Favorite Blur Tracks of All Time

On July 31st, Blur dropped the 21 Box Set and the re-release/reissue of their seven albums.
Blur being my favorite British band, still can’t believe they have been together for 21 years.
The band will play a big show at Hyde Park and at the Summer Olympics closing ceremony.
So in turn I would like to reveal my 21 favorite Blur tracks of all time.
Think of this as a “Greatest Hits mixtape”.
This list includes b-sides and remixes.
Those wanting to know if this certain famous song of theirs will make it in the Top 10, you’re going to be disappointed. 😛

  1. Beetlebum (Blur)
  2. The Universal (The Great Escape)
  3. Parklife (Parklife)
  4. Girls and Boys (Parklife)
  5. Sing (Leisure & Trainspotting Soundtrack)
  6. To The End (Parklife)
  7. Dancehall (Japan bonus track on Blur and now on the Special Edition on same album)
  8. Swallows in the Heatwave (M.O.R. single and Blur [Special Edition]
  9. Coffee & TV (13)
  10. Chemical World (Modern Life Is Rubbish)
  11. There’s No Other Way (Leisure)
  12. Girls and Boys (Pet Shop Boys Remix) [Parklife & now on the Special Edition)
  13. Tender (Cornelius Remix) [Coffee & TV Single and 13 Special Edition]
  14. Country House (The Great Escape)
  15. Battle (13)
  16. Ambulance (Think Tank)
  17. End of a Century [Parklife]
  18. Music Is My Radar (The Best of)
  19. Me, White Noise (Alternative Version) [Good Song single and Think Tank Special Edition]
  20. Fool’s Day (Record Store Day 2010 Single)
  21. Song 2 (Blur)

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