NXNE 2012: Live in Bellwoods – Day 1 [June 14, 2012]

Started out my Thursday by heading down to Trinity Bellwoods Park for the “Live In Bellwoods” sessions.
This is their third year doing this during NXNE.
I always have a great time seeing the acts play in open spaces at a park.
This was the only time this year I went to it.
Playing on Day 1 of the Great Hearts Festival were:

I was mostly there to see The Belle Game.
Since I missed their show the night before, why not see them at the park.
All I have to say was wow!
They were accompanied by Sidney York on a few songs.
Acoustic, yes! But they added speakers to make it more of a “loud” acoustic set.
I can’t wait for their full-length album in the fall.
The Belle Game @ Live in Bellwoods
Here is a video of their session.

I caught abit of Enjoy Your Pumas.
They played it last year and they are always great live.
Enjoy Your Pumas @ Live in Bellwoods
Next was Jenny Berkel from Winnipeg and it was a interesting setup.
They were in the middle and formed a circle so the audience can hear well with their music.
They were really great with their folky pop music.
Jenny Berkel @ Live in Bellwoods
Next was Husky from Melbourne, Australia and I was kind of curious to who they were.
I was told that they were signed to Sub Pop.
They played a nice acoustic folk set.
These guys can sing well. They even did an amazing Leonard Cohen cover.
I think this band might do really well in the coming months.
Husky @ Live in Bellwoods
Last was Julie Doiron.
Man she never disappoints.
Played a wonderful set of her music despite the guitar being somewhat out of tune and trying to figure out some strumming songs she could play live.
Someone wanted her to play “Spill Yer Lungs” but politely couldn’t play it since she didn’t write the song.
Such an amazing musicians
Julie Doiron @ Live in Bellwoods
This is how Day 1 ended for the Live in Bellwoods sessions.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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