Photos of 4in1 Acoustic Sessions #6 (Let’s Get Our Feet Wet Edition) [July 29, 2012]

You can say it was a last minute or spur of the moment for this.
Here is 4in1 Acoustic Park Sessions #6 that took place at Westboro Beach.
Let’s say it was mostly in the left side of the area with the trees making a nice shaded area.
I like to call this session “Let’s Get Our Feet Wet Edition”.
It was inspired by this
It was definitely a nice hot sunny July 29th.
Playing at the session were:
Miss Polygamy
Miss Polygamy @ 4in1 Session #6
High Waters
High Waters @ 4in1 Session #6
• The New Standard (No site yet but you can contact Vanessa Luis)
The New Standard @ 4in1 Session #6
Fellow @ 4in1 Session #6
Zoo Legacy
Zoo Legacy @ 4in1 Session #6

The first band was Miss Polygamy.
You can sure this was the first time the band tried their hands on going acoustic.
It was definitely a great set the band put on.
A nice job at doing their set in a rock acoustic way.
Miss Polygamy @ 4in1 Session #6
High Waters was next.
It was just two of the members playing.
Somehow I thought they played acoustic before but it was their first time.
They played tracks from the EP Gather Wish which is free on their Bandcamp.
I was impressed with them.
High Waters @ 4in1 Session #6
The New Standard is a new act made up of Vanessa Christina Luis & Billy Burns.
Vanessa contacted me on wanting to play this session.
Taking a risk for a act who doesn’t have a site and music up. I was like why not, what’s the worst can happen?
I was really impressed!
They played a nice acoustic pop set of music that they wrote.
Kind of reminded me of the next band that was going to play after them.
I wanted them to play in the water but the people who were there was already comfortable in the shade.
Hopefully they will have a site up.
The New Standard @ 4in1 Session #6
Finally the next act which was Fellow who was a last minute replacement.
They finally got everyone moving near the water.
This was what I wanted in this session.
Have an act stand in the water and sing.
Fellow is made of Nicola Michelle and Tyler Roy.
Both played a nice acoustic indie folk pop tunes.
I really like their music.
Fellow @ 4in1 Session #6
Lastly with keeping up with being in the water.
The last act to play was Zoo Legacy.
Four of the members did a great job standing the water.
They played a great set of indie acoustic rock and hip-hop tunes.
Played some tracks from the EP which is free on Bandcamp.
And a new track from a upcoming EP.
Nice clap and sing along from the audience.
A great way to end of this session at the beach.
Zoo Legacy @ 4in1 Session #6
Want to thank Jes of Indefinite Project for filming this. (The video should be up in a few weeks)
The last 4in1 session for the summer will be on August 12th.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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