Portishead – Third [Review]

Its been 11 years since Portishead last released a record.
And those 11 long years have been a good wait.
On April 28, 2008 Third (weird title IMO) was released.
Its still one of the best album to come out in 2008.
It is kind of a departure from their previous album.
I won’t classify Portishead as trip-hop anymore. More like a experimental electronica album.

The album has more of a darker, edgier and industrial sound.
Things gone are the sampling and that modish 60s British orchestra sound except for 2 tracks on the album.
Third has more drumming beats and guitar sound.
Hearing the first track Silence feels like you are in sound spy movie.
Hunter has that moody intenseness, its slow at the beginning and goes fast then goes back to being slow.
Hearing the first 5 seconds of Magic Doors still gives me chills down my spine.

Standout tracks:

Portishead - Third

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  1. mrsiegal

    The fact that Portishead only had two major albums for the longest time was always sort of an enigma for me. I had thought for that decade that they were one of the greatest groups, so why not have a third album?

    So one day when I heard on NPR that they had made a third album, I was floored.

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