Scattered Clouds and Ice Cream @ NAC Fourth Stage

Friday night at the NAC Fourth Stage with Scattered Clouds and Ice Cream on November 8, 2019.
It was a different approach for the NAC to book these two unique acts, you know to diversify in their genre of live music.
Starting off was the Toronto duo Ice Cream.
They sounded really good with their electro synth pop music.
Performing tracks from their upcoming album Fed Up.
I was joined by a friend to stand and dance to their music. 8/10.
Then it was Scattered Cloud’s turn and it was a 5 band for this special show.
Having missed out their LP release show for Take Away Your Summer back in July.
I didn’t want to miss out.
The whole set was dark red lighting post apocalyptic vibe.
Great bopping to their materials from Take Away Your Summer and The First Empire.
Even Ice Cream joined in during Days On End shredding on the guitars and keyboards!
Who knew Phil can scream too! 9/10.

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