Second Annual Indie Rock Holiday Party

Wow that is some title for a show on December 12th.
It was one of a few shows happening that busy crazy night.
Decided to go for this one because it was a holiday theme show.
Playing were:

Sorry if its not a great quality video.

As mentioned before I only got to see four of the six acts that played at Babylon.
Due to the bus but I was also tired since I had family Christmas shopping which I was up since 6am.
First band Paramedics played.
The band has shrunk to a foursome in this set.
Kind of surprised with the change of sound.
But very heavy on the guitar and drum sound.
Did a cover of a Amos The Transparent song.
Insane crazy set they put on, but miss their electronica fused rock sound.
Paramedics @ Babylon
Second band Old Crowns played.
Totally rocking it loud this time.
People enjoyed their stuff.
Joel gave me their setlist and here is what they sang (not sure if they were in order):

  • Hems
  • Jesus
  • Falling
  • Calm
  • Wires
  • Shaky
  • Sailor (where people came up on stage)

Old Crowns @ Babylon
Third band The Love Machine who I always love to see live.
Put a great show.
Previewed new songs.
Last song Love Is On Your Side where some people just got on stage and sang the song and have fun.
The Love Machine @ Babylon
Checked out abit of The Reason.
Very surprised with the change of sound they had.
Last time I saw them was in 2008. Where there was alot of loudness and moshing around.
The Reason @ Babylon
That was my night at this show.
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