Shad – TSOL (Review)


The time has come!
Here is the final part on reviewing the 2010 Polaris Music Prize shortlist nominees.
This time it is Shad‘s TSOL.

TSOL is the second album by London, Ontario rapper Shad.
Even Shad doesn’t know what TSOL stands for and he wants his fans to interpret its meaning.
There is something about Canadian rap/hip-hop that makes its so good without being too commercialized to our American counterparts.
TSOL is thirteen tracks what you can say his serious and best work to date.
He’s got to be one of the best rapper MC in Canada at the moment.
He sings about love, relationship, society, pop culture and politics.
If I am correct there isn’t F-bomb dropped in TSOL.
Sometimes when I listen to TSOL some parts feels it has that Vancouver vibe and other parts has that Toronto vibe.
The lyrics he sings just blows my mind away.
Favorite line in “Yaa I Get It” happens to be:
Maybe I’m not big cuz I don’t Blog or Twitter…
What is unique that in TSOL there is collaborations with Brendan Canning on Lucky 1s, Lisa Lobsinger on Rose Garden, Lucky 1s and Telephone and Classified on A Good Name.
Overall its one of the best albums in 2010.

Best tracks:

  • Rose Garden
  • [audio:]

  • Keep Shining
  • Lucky 1’s
  • We Are The Ones (Reservoir Poetry)
  • Telephone (Not the Lady GaGa cover)
  • Yaa I Get It
  • [audio:]

  • At The Same Time
  • Wee, Myself and I
  • [audio:]

If I rate this, it would be 10/10.
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  1. Daniel

    Cheering for Shad, not cuz he’s minority but cuz his work is amazing. Need to get this guy noticed even more.

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