Who’s Hot In Ottawa’s Music Scene 2012 – Hottest Drummers

Here is the last category of the poll.
As stated on part one of the results.
With the votes tallied up.
Narrowed it down with the Top 5 plus three honorable mentions.
So here are the results for Hottest Drummers.
Hopefully for next year, I will be prepared on who should be nominated.
Sorry if I couldn’t find the right photos.
Lastly I want to thank Emma from Now Playing Radio, Craig from Ottawa Voice BoxSka Jeff & Latitude 45 for listing the names of acts.


  1. Michael Laing of The Love Machine
  2. The Love Machine @ Mavericks

  3. Marco Campagna of Sound of Lions
  4. Sound of Lions @ Zaphod Beeblebrox

  5. Andrew Hunt of Fire & Neon
  6. Fire & Neon @ Cafe Dekcuf

  7. Tyler Ivan Goodman of Roberta Bondar
  8. Roberta Bondar @ Babylon Nightclub

  9. Kristal Proulx of The Holy Cobras
  10. The Holy Cobras @ Rochester Pub


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